Bushcraft Survival Courses
Bushcraft Survival Courses


Bushcraft Survival Courses Bushcraft Survival Courses

Learn Survival In The Wild with our Survival Course

Woodland Ways offers a variety of bushcraft survival courses, all guaranteed to build your survival skills. Our bushcraft survival courses are designed to prepare outdoors people to enjoy their adventures in the wild, as well as to provide those with an interest in "giving it a go" to get involved.

Bushcraft survival courses are set up to appeal to all levels of interest and experience. The wide range of bushcraft survival courses are suitable for all groups, including families, children and young adults. If you are looking for a brief introduction to wilderness survival, you might choose a one-day bushcraft survival courses option. For the more serious explorers, Woodland Ways offers weekend and five-day bushcraft survival courses.

Family bushcraft survival courses are one-day, one-night family friendly courses. The Teenagers' Fundamental bushcraft Survival Course is aimed at children in the 12-17 year old bracket. We suggest that they attend without parental supervision, but parents are encouraged to attend if they desire. This bushcraft Survival Course material promotes self responsibility and responsibility for the environment for young people as well as tracking, starting a cooking fire, and building a suitable shelter from materials available in the woods.

Other courses include the Bushcraft Basics Day Course, an introductory course which teaches survival skills including lighting a fire without matches, preparing wild food, and building a waterproof shelter with only natural materials found in the forest. Our bushcraft survival courses mentioned here are only a taster of the fantastic Survival Bushcraft Courses we have available.


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Free Bushcraft Survival Courses tips article. FREE BUSHCRAFT TIPS: Beech Kernels

Late summer and early autumn is a foragers haven for us at Woodland Ways, it was this time of year when I first became enthused about wild foods. I'll never forget the first time I had a nut from the beech tree, it really was... food for free!

The kernals from the beech can be used in so many different ways, from frying with the oil, to making coffee. I like them raw but I know Jason likes to warm them through by the fire (although this may be because he likes lighting fire so much!). One trick though if you are eating them raw, go for the husks that haven't got the holes in, this will increase your chances of a bug free snack!

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Jason Ingamells - Chief Bushcraft Survival Courses Instructor .

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Bushcraft Survival Courses