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Learn Survival In The Wild with our Survival Course

Bushcraft Weekends from Woodland Ways are a terrific learning experience for both the novice and those with some experience with bushcraft techniques. The location for our bushcraft weekends courses are set in Derbyshire and Oxfordshire, both set in beautiful woodland settings. Our bushcraft weekends courses promise to provide you with practical, fun, first-hand experience throughout your bushcraft weekend. Food is provided and you'll enjoy two nights under the stars all of our bushcraft survival weekends are experiences you will never forget.

Our courses are industry leading, we have won numerous awards and our instructors are of the highest caliber, but don't just take our word for it, google search for our reviews accross the internet, the speak for themselves. There's so much to learn in our bushcraft weekends course. In our Bushcraft Weekends, you will learn practical skills including knife care, fire lighting techniques, tinder preparation, game and fish preparation for cooking, shelter building, navigation, plant identification, and water collection and purification, just to name a few things. There's still plenty more to learn during our Bushcraft Weekends !

You'll also find that the bushcraft weekends we offer are flexible too. We can cater for most diets and physical requirements, so never be put off, just talk to us about out bushcraft weekends. Our bushcraft weekends courses are all operated throughout the year - Woodland Ways Weekend, Stone Age Weekend, Tracking Weekend, Woodland Crafts Weekend, Remote Emergency Care Level 2 - Outdoor First Aid .

Come and join us on a friday through till sunday at one of our bushcraft weekends sites. You will not need expensive gear, only an enthusiasm for the outdoors. We are the only organisation that will guarentee you small instructor to student ratio's (min 1-8 but generally 1-4). We are also the only Bushcraft company that guarentee all instructors are fully qualified, are Remote Emergency Care first aid trained, have full CRB clearance and years worth of experience under there belts from the deserts of the sahara and middle east to the jungles of borneo, and every environment in between. The minimum age limit is 18 unless you are on a specific childrens course. So come with us and see how much nature lore you can absorb in one of our bushcraft weekends !


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Free Bushcraft Weekends tips article. FREE BUSHCRAFT TIPS: A Canoe Shelter

Method for constructing a quick shelter using your canoe and a basha.

You may be on your canoe voyage when all of a sudden the weather takes a turn for the worst. Not only will it be unpleasant you will also need to consider how safe it would be to continue on your journey.

One quick method of getting out of the elements is to remove your canoe from the water and turn it onto its side. You can then place you and your kit in the cavity between the earth and the canoe. Further shelter can be provided by pulling your basha over the body of the canoe and peg it out at the four corners.

One trick is to place the rear of the canoe so that it points into the wind to further reduce the chances of water coming in. Most importantly though is to remove yourself from the flood plain, as water levels may rise and you could then find yourself in a flood situation.

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Jason Ingamells - Chief Bushcraft Weekends Instructor .

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Bushcraft Weekends